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County: Bungoma
Bokoli: Recovery Agrovet
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Malava: farmers agrovet
Malava: Mochek Enterprise

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Homabay Town: kavirodo agrovet
Kendevries Company Ltd

County : Trans zoia
Agrovet : Mazop

Price: KSh1,690.00 Ksh 1500 Only under KCEP


Sporemax is a granular bio-fertilizer containing mycorrhiza fungi in granule form. It is made using all forms of mycorrhiza i.e.: ecto & endo spores, mycelium & root particle with vesicle in a single formulation.

Mode of action

After application near root zone, spores available get activated and form a network of filaments, and make a symbiotic association with the plant root. This association of fungi & root provide mutual benefits to each other. Mycorrhiza gets sugar from plant roots and as a reward it helps in greater absorption of water, macronutrients & micronutrients, making them available easily in usable form to plants. It also imparts resistance to plants against drought.


  • Develops tertiary root system which increases area of nutrients and water absorption. capacity in the root zone.
  • Reduced need for fertilizer.
  • Increases drought resistance.
  • Increases pathogen resistance and improved plant immunity.
  • Improves plant health.

Texture: Granular form

Package contains:  1 kg and 5 kg

1 to 2 kg per acre for crops like maize, Rice, wheat, barley and other grains
4 to 5 kg per acre for other crops like tomato, Pepper, Chilli, French beans & any other beans

Method of applicationApplication should be done while planting. It can be mixed with other planting fertilizers and apply while preparing the land.

Useful for: All types of cereals, pulse, vegetables, tuber, fiber, ornamental, oil seeds, fruit crops. garden plants, shrubs, potted plants.

Can be used : as per agronomist advice

Storage conditions: Store in dry place, keep away from direct heat & sunlight.