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Learn to earn profit by doing Potato farming

Potatoes are staple food in Kenya and in most African countries and have good returns if well managed.
They do well in altitude of 1500 – 2800 above the sea level, they require a minimum rainfall of 850 – 1200mm and do best in temperatures of 15°c – 20°c they also require a well drained fertile medium loamy soils.

An acre of land can produce up to 50-80 bags and a maximum of 100 bags of 90kgs each of potatoes if well managed from land tilling, planting, nutrients and foliars application, Ridging and pest control as well as watering.

At Bharat Bio East Africa we believe in offering solutions to the farmers using our organic products so that a farmers can attain the desire they have in profit making, maximising on production, enhancing quality among others into Reality.

Currently the market price for a 90kg bag of potatoes is Ksh 3000, assuming the cost of the same at the farm is 1500 a farmer can make up to a farmer can make a sale of 105,000 on harvesting 70 bags while using 50 bags as the lowest and 80 bags as the highest.

Since farming is not a 100% basis business using our Organic products Nutritional program we guarantee 85-90% success rate on production to the farmers.