BHARAT THYM is recommended to be used at the rate of 500-1000 ml / Acre. It needs to be mixed in 200 Lit water and applied on the foliar of designated crop in one Acre. Ensure BHARAT THYM reaches every leaf of the crop and preferably applied during morning or evening hours.


Always apply BHARAT THYM during vegetative growth, flowering and fruiting stages of the crop for best results. BHARAT THYM is compatible with commonly used micronutrients and water soluble fertilizers.

Product Description

BHARAT THYM is a liquid biocontrol product obtained through a bio-process technology designed by Bharat Biogas Energy Limited. It reduces the population of pathogens on contact. It targets common fungal and bacterial diseases like powdery mildew, grey mold, fireblight etc.
It helps to control Fusarium wilt, verticilium wilt and Bacterial wilt. It also helps in Protecting plants from Root knot neematodes.
BHARAT THYM is an eco-friendly crop protective products contains large amount of biologically active essential oils which directly act through cell membrane disruption. It protects plant from pathogens, helps in better retention of flowers, fruits and enhances the plant growth.